The water bucket is a tool that the player can use to clean their Vehicle with. It comes with a yellow colored sponge that the player must use to clean with.

To begin cleaning, it is recommended that the player bring the bucket near their car. Afterwards, the player should drop the bucket and then take the yellow sponge. The sponge will do the cleaning, and can be used on specific parts of the car. To fully clean the Laika, the player should use the sponge on the windows, the doors, the tyres, the bumpers, and everything else in-between.

The sponge can only be used three times before it becomes dirty. When this happens, the player needs to dump the sponge into the water bucket three times to fully restore it's cleanliness.

Once done, the player can drop the sponge which will automatically return it to the bucket it came from.

It costs nothing, and can be taken from Petrol Stations next to the fuel pump, or found in Abandoned Cars and in the player's Home.

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