The wallet contains the money collected during the game, and is the most important tool throughout the player's journey. It allows them to purchase new parts for their Laika 601 Deluxe and make upgrades to it's current configuration, or to buy other tools like Repair Kits.

The wallet also allows the player to sell unwanted items they may have found. Such instances would be finding an Abandoned Car on the side of the road that has extra parts and items in it, or finding cardboard boxes on the road containing junk items.

To buy or sell anything in general, the player must use their wallet on the cash register in any Petrol Station or Outershop.

The wallet behaves differently at Laika Dealerships. The player does not need to have it in their hand to make a purchase, as it automatically appears onscreen when the Laika Catolog is opened. Once an order is made, payment is taken from the wallet and it returns to the car.

The wallet is always located inside of the glove compartment in their Vehicle. Should the player ever drop their wallet by pressing Q, it will automatically return to the glove compartment instead of falling to the floor.

The player can also place the wallet in the trunk, although there is no advantage to storing it this way.

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