This update was released on May 6, 2016. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

  • Fixed bridge collisions issue & falling through world.
  • Uncle no longer clips through world on motel load to find a faster way to the other side of the continent.
  • Water bucket no longer loads a bullbar on load.
  • Work towards water tanks not loading (though may still be present).
  • More page fixes for the Laika catalogue.
  • Mouse SHOULD lock on start now.
  • Weather now changes to sunny after being rainy.
  • New game deletes save data correctly.
  • Fixed tiny bucket issue.
  • Fixed sponge not washing windshield.
  • New repair kit break effect.
  • 1x2x1 inventory issue fixed.
  • 1x1x1 & 1x2x1 inventory conflict fixed.
  • Fixed tyre spam click onto the wheel issue.
  • Saving stolen items now results in a punishment.
  • Fixed AI driving into wall.
  • Made AI faster.
  • Tool kits can no longer be used if they have not been purchased.
  • Added an option in the options menu to fix flickering lights for those with sensitive eyesight.
  • Car radio now plays in main menu.
  • Fixed issues with options menu not saving correctly.
  • Fixed issue with objects getting stuck in hands.
  • Can no longer have 8 tyres in the car at once.
  • Fixed buy exploit where shops wouldn’t register the transaction and players could repeat sell items.
  • Fixed map vanishing issue.

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