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This template was created for use on the Main Page. It will create a header space for a title, and a section beneath it for text. The header can display a preset image if desired.


  • headtext - The words that will appear on the header. Warning: Keep it short! Otherwise, the line will break which will cause the background of the header to repeat downwards.
  • headimg - An optional image that will be shown in the header. Valid values are: mana, bot, health, hat, helm.
  • headstyle - Additional styling for the header. This is optional.
  • bodytext - The words that will appear below the header. This is optional.
  • bodystyle - Additional styling for the body. This is optional.


Type in this:

 | headtext = Potatoes
 | headimg  = bot
 | bodytext = They are delicious...

To see this:


They are delicious...

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