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Spray paint cans are cosmetic upgrades you can buy from the Laika Dealership. The player can paint their Laika with which ever color they choose from the catalog. Applying the color is not digital; the longer they spray, more of the sprayed color will be applied to the car. This allows the player to create unique colors by mixing two colors onto the car.

All the colors available for purchase are:

  • Crème (White)
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black

There are two types of paint that can be purchased from the catalog:

  • "Standard", which has no special properties
  • Metallic, which has reflective paint to provide a shiny effect

On top of the colors, a player can also add color tints to their car:

  • Pearlescent, which has special properties to provide a shiny color progression effect depending on the view angle

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