The repair rack can be purchased from the Laika Dealer in any town, at random. It comes in three upgrade levels. Initially purchasing a repair rack and installing it will provide a new jack and a new crowbar, as well as a bronze spanner. 

  • The first level, or bronze level, may be purchased for 300 marks. It includes a Crowbar , and Jack , as mentioned, but also a bronze spanner. These are mounted to a dropdown board in the trunk, and therefore take up no storage space. The function of the jack and crowbar are unchanged from normal, aside from when dropped in which they will snap to their place on the storage board, much like the wallet. The spanner functions similarly to a repair kit, however the bronze spanner may only repair fully broken parts, or parts showing a red wrench when looking at them. It is still a good idea to purchase repair kits with this upgrade, as they can be used more sparingly, but to fix things beyond one point. The spanner can fix flat tyres, by loosening the bolt and using the kit on the tyre while still on the car. This pretty much negates the need to ever buy tyres.
  • The second level, silver, for 400 marks. The only thing that changes when purchasing the second level is the color and function of the spanner. The silver spanner may repair things with yellow wrench icons on them. Generally speaking, it can repair up to 75%. Repair kits are no longer required with this repair rack.
  • The third and final level may be purchased for 500 marks. Like the second level, only the spanner changes. It takes on a gold sheen, and it functions identically to a repair kit, aside from when dropped it will snap to its place on the repair rack.

PROTIP: Finding the next level of repair rack can be a real pain. Generally you want it as early as possible, if for no greater reason than the storage space gains. But being that the stock at the Laika dealer in each town is randomized, the repair rack may not be in. HOWEVER, saving and quitting after sleeping at the Motel will re-randomize the stock, and eventually it will show up. It may take a few tries, but be persistant. Its worth it.

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