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(Top) A crowd of people waiting outside an Intershop store, 1977. (Bottom) An abandoned Intershop store near former East Berlin’s Heinrich-Heine Strasse border crossing, 1999.

The Outershop is somewhat the inner city equivalent to the Petrol Station. Its name and logo are based on the Intershop, a chain of hard currency shops that used to be in East Germany.

At these shops you can refuel your car, clean your car with a bucket and sponge, or purchase items inside the shop. You can also sell most items here.

Trivia Edit

The Outershop is based on a real life store named Intershop which existed during the GDR era. The store sells appliances, liquors and car accessories. Intershop can also be found in West Germany with the only difference being extra products such as East German books were purchasable. Intershop stores and stalls disappeared upon the reunification of Germany in the 3rd of October 1990.

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