The Map Book is an item located in the driver-side door pocket of the player's car. The Map Book allows the player to choose which route to take between their current town and the next town, and shows various player statistics based on their game progress.

To declare a route, the player must open the book to the first page. Inside will be a brochure related to the country the player is going to drive though, and three routes to select. Up to two icons will appear below each route, and there are three kinds of icons: a gas pump, a question mark, and a weather mark. If a gas pump icon exists, a gas station will be along the route. If a question mark icon exists, there will be a surprise along the route. If neither of these two marks exist, there will be no special stops along the route. There will always be a weather mark, which will indicate sunny and clear skies, light right, or heavy rain, which are indicated with a sun, an outline of a rainy cloud, and a filled-in version of the rainy cloud.

A route must be declared in order to cross a border checkpoint. If the player does not select a route before driving up to the checkpoint, the man at the window will ask you to choose a route, and will not open the gate until the player does so.

The pages after the map and brochure will display the players' game progress statistics, but otherwise have no effect on the game.

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