This page will list out questions you may have about wikis in general.

Q: What is a Wiki?Edit

A wiki is a place where anyone can add information in the form of articles. On Wikia, each community you visit revolves around a single topic. For example, the Shoppe Keep Wikia is about the video game Shoppe Keep.

You will also meet other people on a wiki and can discuss with them the future growth of the wiki, general things about the topic, or random off-topic conversations. Often, the Wikia wikis you visit will have a forum and chat room where you can do these things easily.

Q: How can I write an article?Edit

To start editing a page, you need to click on the "Edit" button on the top-left corner of the page. This will take you to the Visual Editor by default.

In the editor, you will get a live view of your changes in the preview area. In other words, it is similar to how a "what you see is what you get" editor works (also known as a WYSIWYG editor). Once you've made your changes, click on the "Publish" button and the page will go live.

Read the editing help page for more information.

Q: Are there other ways to help?Edit

Besides adding new content to the wiki, yes there is! Some of our existing articles need more information, proofreading, re-structuring, categorizing, and more.

Read the main help page for further information on how to help us out.

Q: What are policies?Edit

Policies are like rules. These are things we ask contributors to follow in order to create a positive and active community. These rules apply to all contributors, registered or anonymous.

Click here to go to the policy main page.

Q: What does it mean when a page is protected?Edit

Page protection can prevent users from editing a page entirely. This is normally done to stop vandalism or edit wars, and is usually temporary. However, a page can be permanently protected in specific cases.

If you cannot edit a page that is protected but you still want something changed, make a forum post and a local administrator may be able to help.

Q: Where can I get more help?Edit

Take a visit to Community Central. From there you can go to the central help page where multiple topics are covered. You can also ask more technical questions on their forums.