This page will link to other pages containing information specific to this wiki. Please also read the sections below to learn about the wiki, and how to help it grow.

About The WikiEdit

The Jalopy Wiki is unofficial and simply serves as a place for players to get guidance, learn strategies, or teach others about the game. It can also serve as an alternative medium for discussions to be held. However, suggestions and issues related to the game should always be posted on the Official Discussion Boards. The developers are always watching those forums, so it's best to get their attention there.

How to HelpEdit

Since this wiki is about a developing game, the information found here can become outdated with each update to the game. This is where we need your help. The following pages will list articles in need of editing:

  • Stubs - Articles that are short on content and need to be expanded.
  • Outdated - Articles which contain old information that needs updating.
  • No Images - Articles that don't have images to represent their information.
  • Needs Formatting - Articles that need to be structured differently.
  • Needs Updating - Articles that have missing or incomplete information.
  • Wanted Pages - Pages that were linked to from another page, but don't exist yet.

If you're a strong editor, you can visit the Special Pages and check for more issues there. If you're good at proofreading, we also ask you to please check over our articles for errors.

If you've discovered new information about the game, you can create a new article about it here:

The final and most important thing we need help with is translation. This wiki's information is provided in English only, and we need good translators to take the initiative to create their own Wikia as a translation to this one. Click here for more information.

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