An item is anything the player can pick up and use with other items or objects. Most items can be purchased from Petrol Stations, or from the Outershops found in towns. The cost and availability of these items will vary greatly with each playthrough.

Items that you pick up can be considered tools, goods, or trash. Below is a complete list of items the player can interact with.


Tools will help you on your journey across the Autobahn through the communist bloc。 The majority of them can be found at Outershops and the players Home,but some are given to the player by thier Uncle. The spanners can be found in the trunk if you have the updates.


Goods can only be sold at shops, and can also be found on the road in small boxes. If your car has all the killer updates, it IS advisable to take whatever you can.If you are a beginner, you should get only Cigarettes,medicine,Or wine bottles.Those normally make the most profit.


Junk cannot be used to aid the player in any significant way,exept the newspaper, which can help you make money by smuggling.

The thief sign and trash bags are only obtainable by robbing stores.

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