Home is where the player begins the game. At the start of a new game, the player's uncle will wake the player and take them outside where an incomplete Laika 601 Deluxe can be found. He will provide information on the car's components and how to properly maintain it, assisting the player with installing the car's remaining components in the process. The player will then be prompted to select a route to Dresden before departing.

If the player is resuming a pre-existing game, Uncle will not give the tutorial again, and the player's car as it was previously left (e.g. the player's wallet is retained, along with any upgrades and customizations applied) will be found instead of the incomplete Laika 601.

The home building itself has the appearance of a Laika dealership, but the garage door is open instead of closed. It seems to function as a junkyard, as there are many crushed cars on one side of the parking lot.

If the player turns right instead of left when leaving home, they eventually end up at a barricade. At that point, they can see the silhouettes of the Reichstag building, the Bradenburger Tor, and the TV tower; all of which are Berlin landmarks, confirming that the player does indeed start the journey in Berlin.

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