Uncle Lufti will give you a brief tutorial on how to build your car, turn around and you will see small scrapyard, follow planks and you will find the car door, then he will ask if you want to take him with you, just press Yes or No. Take Repair kit, tires, fuel canister(!) and car jack with you because you will need them. You can make money by selling things that you can find in boxes on the side of the road, you can sell(!!) them at the gas station and at the shops (same like gas station, but in cities), because you can't sell it at the Laika dealership. Also keep wine, because its expensive. You can get engine upgrades from the dealership and loads of customisation like liveries (Paint Jobs). Make sure to search through broken down cars on the side of the road you might find some engine upgrades and parts,a spray paint can, other items like water bottle (This allows you to paint and upgrade your Laika)


If you choose a route with a question mark next to it this means that you will find a Scrapyard on your journey, you can explore it to get better (or not) parts and items for your Laika. Make sure to activate the hazard lights when you come to a stop as this could save you a 10 to a 30 dollar fine! Lastly remember to fill up your Laika's petrol tank!

If you cant place item in the car trunk, make sure that there is a place for it!

(!) - Useable 1 TIMES!

(!!) - Prices may vary!

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