Decals are cosmetic upgrades sold at the Laika Dealership. There is a variety of decals, stripes, flames, etc. The decals are put on the Laika, and can be taken off using the Decal Remover.

List of decals:

  • Two Tone - Two tone usually means two diffrent colours on the same car with a clear line between them, but in Jalopy the decal covers the lower part of body and slowly transfers to the base colour of the car. All possible colours.
  • Go Fast! - a pair of stripes that goes from the hood across the roof to the trunk in all possible colours.
  • Rude Boy - a checkered decal for the roof in all possible colours.
  • Flames - flames cover your front and rear wheel arches in all possible colours.
  • Tobacco Sponsorship - German Mahnung, Czech Ziggurat, or Hungarian Rabzolga.