Decals are cosmetic upgrades sold at the Laika Dealership. There is a variety of decals, stripes, flames, etc. The decals are put on the Laika.

Decal TypesEdit

  • Two Tone - Two tone usually means two diffrent colours on the same car with a clear line between them, but in Jalopy the decal covers the lower part of body and slowly transfers to the base colour of the car. All possible colours.
  • Go Fast! - a pair of stripes that goes from the hood across the roof to the trunk in all possible colours.
  • Rude Boy - a checkered decal for the roof in all possible colours.
  • Flames - flames cover your front and rear wheel arches in all possible colours.
  • Tobacco Sponsorship - German Mahnung, Czech Ziggurat, or Hungarian Rabzolga logo will be applied.
  • Decal Remover - Removes any decal that is currently applied to the car.


To apply a decal, pick up the box the decal comes in (retrievable from the pallet from the front of the store after purchase or by finding them in an Abandoned Car), face your car, and click and hold while holding the box in your right hand.

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