Jalopy offers players a large collection of components that can be purchased from the Laika Dealership. A component is any part of the car that the player can remove, place, or repair. These are the items that can improve the performance or reliability of the Vehicles being driven by the player.

Tyres cannot be found in laika dealerships. Instead, they can be found within the player's garage or can be purchased from Petrol Stations and Outershops.

This article will list every current component that can be purchased or found on the road in Abandoned Cars.


Components listed here can be bought from Laika dealerships.

Stock Engines

Naked Engines

Ramshackle Engines

Squash Engines

Stock Fuel Tanks

Chubby Fuel Tanks

Portly Fuel Tanks

Stout Fuel Tanks

Stock Carburettors

Trough Carburettors

Pipe Carburettors

Tube Carburettors

Stock Air Filters

Coverless Air Filters

Stubby Air Filters

Can Air Filters

Stock Ignition Coils

Barrel Ignition Coils

Double Barrel Ignition Coils

Triple Barrel Ignition Coils


Water Tanks



Components listed here can be bought from petrol stations and outershops.