The bronze spanner is a tool used for recovering lost durability on any component found in the player's Vehicle.

The bronze spanner will repair up to 33% of the maximum durability of the component currently being repaired, repairing up to one full point of durability per use. For example, if your engine has a maximum durability of 4, and it has 0 durability left, using the bronze spanner once will repair it up to 1/4, then using it again a second time will repair it up to 1.33/4 (which is rounded to 1/4 when the game displays it, keeping the decimal values hidden). Since 1.33/4 is 33% of the maximum durability, the bronze spanner will refuse to recover the remaining lost durability, requiring the use of a better spanner or a Repair Kit.

It can be found included with the Tool Rack Lvl 1.

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