The battery is a small and light component that supplies the vehicle with electricity. The electricity is used to power the vehicle's ignition, the headlights, the Radio, the Windshield Wipers and the interior light. It costs DM 10, and can be purchased from Laika Dealerships, or found in Abandoned Cars and in the player's Home.

The battery is used as part of the tutorial with Uncle.

All of the batteries provided at Laika Dealerships provide the same amount of pre-charge and battery life, and cost the same amount of money. They only serve as re-skins of the normal one.

Batteries lose power when turning on the car (about 1% every start), and when using lights, wipers, or the radio while the engine is not running. Batteries do not recharge while driving, and are the only part of the engine that will need to be replaced eventually.