Roadside Laika

The abandoned red Laika 601.

Abandoned cars are vehicles that have been abandoned for one reason or another. They are often found on the roadside, with various parts removed. They are randomly generated along the side of the road, similar to boxes, but are less common occurrences. They are also always a Laika, despite the existence of other types of vehicles being present in the game.

If the player finds an abandoned car, the player should stop and search it for extra components and boxes with loot. There will always be something for the player to take, but what kinds of items to be found cannot be guaranteed. The player may find components, boxes, or tires. Components are located in the engine bay, boxes and goods can be found inside the trunk or the car seats, and tyres can be found installed or in the trunk.

Abandoned cars cannot be repaired, and any parts or items cannot be placed inside the abandoned car again, even if the parts and items came from it.

Abandoned cars can also have a chance to have a random decal box or a decal remover for the use of the player on their car.

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